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Secin S.A. is the leading company in Argentina in manufacturing process equipment involving carbon and alloy steels and nonferrous materials as well as heavy wall thickness (with experience up to 200 mm).

  • Austenitic materials.
  • Aluminium.
  • Lined plates.
  • Mid alloy steels.

Secin S.A. has the most modern cutting, welding and plate treating systems in Argentina:

  • Automatic machines with orbital heads (standard, extended tube, Inner Bore Welding).
  • Automatic spiral cladding welding machine.
  • Automatic bench for Plasma + TIG welding.
  • Columns for automatic Plasma + TIG welding.
  • Automatic machine for root welding.
  • Plasma cutter, submerged in water, up to 76 mm. thickness.
  • Automatic grinding/polishing machine for pieces up to 10 meters diameter.
  • Automatized column with boom for submerged arc welding and complete arc control (wave form control).

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